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12D shield

12D shield As we are transiting through very turbulent phase of planetary evolution, I have decided to make a post about simple protective meditation tool which can assist in day-to-day energetic stability and shielding from distracting negative influences. Before p… read

Europe and Freedom (Vienna trip)

Europe and Freedom (Vienna trip) Westbanhof, Europaplatz, Wien The place where 12 years ago I stepped “free world” schengen for the first time. Beautiful Vienna is visually less infected {mentally} then the west of Europe. Life continues! Covudism is present but not as alarm… read

Human vs. Non-Human (based on observations in Lisbon, Portugal).

Human vs. Non-Human (based on observations in Lisbon, Portugal). Inspired by observing cashiers in big chain supermarkets. While big majority I presume accept the job as a temporary income (but in practice it stays for years), there are people who enjoy attending clients, who don’t fall into “automaton&… read

For Freedom! October 2020

For Freedom! October 2020 Originally written on Saturday 24/10.   Happy Saturday everyone! Today will show you next level UNconspiracy stuff. First pictures are from today's manifestatiom For Freedom in Lisbon amidst covd19 psychological fear incentivation and manipulati… read

Notes on lucid-dreaming, indigos and hybridization

Notes on lucid-dreaming, indigos and hybridization Met a new person today, who describes himself as a frequent (if not constant!) lucid-dreamer , but without awareness of “mechanics of reality” knowledge published at , and I compiled him some links and explanations, which… read

What is black magic?

What is black magic? What is Black Magic? Many of you might skeptically laugh, but I am not here to convince anyone in anything, for those who laugh - you have magic present throughout infinite stories, movies, books, all that is art and history. Everyone knows about mainstrea… read

Humanity is not evil

Humanity is not evil Many of you have recently (in past month-two) had dreams where your eyes have had some sort of alterations. There was and still continues emotional purge. Due to these you now can see clearly behind the veil of false reality construct. The message that … read