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For Freedom! October 2020

For Freedom! October 2020
Originally written on Saturday 24/10.
Happy Saturday everyone! Today will show you next level UNconspiracy stuff. First pictures are from today's manifestatiom For Freedom in Lisbon amidst covd19 psychological fear incentivation and manipulation operation.
Look at first attached video - this is Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine’s ex president, heavily into mud because of his ties with Joe Biden (who basically was dictating him how to operate national oil and gas company, amid other things).
Notice how looks Petro 2020 vs. Petro pre-2018. Same applies to Joe Biden 2020, recorded couple of days ago during debates vs. Joe Biden pre-2018.
Instead of believing fear incentivating mainstream narrative of what happens in the world, start invetigating and discerning on your own without being conditioned by “left/right wing” ideologies or resources.
There is no deadly pandemic, some weird things happen on the backstage, the biggest corruption network we couldn’t dare to imagine existed is about to fall down.
Reality construct and governments are not what we perceived them. It’s all inversed (good vs. bad) and corruption is going to the surface to crumble into pieces.
Stand up and defeat your constitutional rights.