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What is black magic?

What is black magic?

What is Black Magic? Many of you might skeptically laugh, but I am not here to convince anyone in anything, for those who laugh - you have magic present throughout infinite stories, movies, books, all that is art and history. Everyone knows about mainstream Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, many are fans of those. So why then not try to understand better the subject, and expand it a little more? Everything you see around, everything is energy in some of it’s states. All energy is intelligent and conscious and it influences the world around, our interactions - all are energy manipulation. Why do we interact this or other way? How each of us defines inner compass/set of principles to advance in life and interact with the outer world? Shortway, all our actions have motivation behind them, in the root it can be summarized to: service to self, or service to others (understanding the Law of One). Why do you do one thing or another, why are you polite with somebody, why you are nice to them? All things bear with them an energetical-motivational imprint. Service to self would be to ask something (for personal gain and profit, either material or psychological) in expense of something else. With black magic the deciptions and energetic manipulation can go in a wide variety of ways. The basic one: imagine you are being lied to, does it feel pleasant? Different people react to lies in a different way, but what lies in the basic architecture of lying? Basically your consciousness is being used, used to spend Your Energy to visualize (or store in your energetic fields) something which is NOT TRUE. So you are bein forced (without your consent) to spend Your Enery for what? Imagine (and by imagine, I perceive “connect to”) something which is phantom. The very same energy you could spend on your personal development, leasure or creative manifestation. Plainly speaking, that person (who lies) performs energy SYPHONING, or vampirism. Deceptions, schemes and manipulation with intent to harm another (even if it’s unconsciouss, have in mind that many people do that without even realizing) also go into described category.

The list of “higher level” practices includes - BLOOD SACRIFICE or killing of a living thing dedicated to ritual or cleansing. Due to hijack of spiritual communities many “new age” witches practice giving out their menstrual blood to the moon, don’t do that, the moon is not our friend, better give out the blood to Mother Earth. Same applies to any sort of bodily fluids.

Any action or behaviour (even if you think is a JOKE and ART) in which Luciferian or Satanic force is called upon, conjured and embodied, also falls into category. If you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they don’t come to your consciousness and don’t start to slowly giving you some ideas, and desires. Satanic forces are consciousness negative energy which is afraid to transmute itself to return to the Source, so it leaves off sucking out energy from other beings, which kind of advice will it give you?

When you practice black magic, energetical exchange alters your consciousness and some invisible things become part of your lense of perception (e.g. your habits and personality “features”). But how can you notice this, if this is part of “you” ? Is it easy to meet a person with any kind of addiction who will admit they have a problem? Black magic practice leads to slow and invisible override of your consciousness.

The problem is... for most of people, for naked eye, it seems invisible. The same for a person who is a practitioner. The shift of consciousness, the list of habits, ideas, of what is permitted or not, they get shifted.

Let’s imagine this situation, there is a person A with a problem which psychology would call mental disorder (I call spirit fracturation and consciousness fragmentation, with entity atachments) and their friend B (syphoning receptor). Two people. The entity attached to this person (A) will make her have the ideas to lie to their friend (B), who will imagine all that, and instead of connecting to the true energy, will connect to phantom matrix chanelled by that person (A). Each time we image something, we “connect” to it with our consciousness.. to a point that we can feel taste/smell/touch.

Now just think about all the FAMOUS PEOPLE you have in your mental space, and which image you hold of them? Every celiebrity you “know” and have in your “head” and thinking about them “how they are” ? You have that image not from knowing the person in “real life”. What if majority of what you believe is not true?

All is information, everyone is taught to categorize as “yes/no”, instead of getting out of the box of this construct, going higher and applying “IMAGINE IF...”. And if it scares you - embrace it, without courage there is no salvation.

Movies helping expand the picture - Fallen (1998), Branded (2012).

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