Healing and spiritual wellbeing

1:1 sessions

I am offering 1:1 menthorship / coaching to those interested in Ascencion journey { which can be put into category of Life coaching }. Topics approached can be broad, starting from reassesment of goals, ending up with trauma facilitation and recovery from patterns of difficult / abusive relationships.

My goal is to help you with inner-realization, to become connected to your infinite Divine source and clearense of separated consciousness.

Examples can be many, but in it's base everything sums up to - helping finding a way to your inner energy source and assisting you to be connected to it at all times, while bringing to the light distracting deviations (which can manifest in real life as anxiety attacks, borderline reaction, fears and lack of motivation, repetitive behaviour).

Communication is essential part of boosting one's well being, for it is a process where you the manual to understand better energetic mechanics behind everyday life, but is your job is to integrate the knowledge and put it to practice on day-to-day basis. My job is to observe and pass you the tools, so that you can flourish independently.

If you think you need my services, I offer short 1:1 sessions, as well as continued assistance.


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