Life coaching and ascencion guide

Relationship coaching

All of us confront different life’s situations, by ourselves or with others. Sometimes we meet on our way people who don’t fall into paradigm of “normality” , it can happen that we have a close relationship with those people, who in the end leave us (seemingly involuntarily from their point of view) depleted energetically and confused.

Then we are left with thoughts - Hurting on purpose, why? But he/she wasn’t like that when we met?! And then you might have that voice in your head, which continues whispering “there is more to that, why? What’s wrong with them? Or is something wrong with me?”

If you feel like you need to understand “why abusive relationships are possible?” , “what drives the other half?” , “was it real?”, if you want to dig deeper about your energetic wellbeing and independence of external factors, post-abusive relationshop coaching can help reconstruct you in many aspects. List of goals can be broad: from rising self-awareness, become more independent from external validation, to acquiring coping mechanism how to be well centered by yourself.

if you have further questions feel free to contact and Ill be glad to explain the goals of relationship coaching.